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Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Care

Our Mowing Service

Our weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing services are exactly the same, the only difference is the frequency of lawn care visits to your property. Weekly lawn maintenance is every seven days and bi-weekly lawn cutting services are every fourteen days during the lawn mowing season.

The lawn or grass will be cut at a typical height of about 3 to 3-1/2"  depending on the type of grass. This is the length that will make your yard look great and keep the weeds out. Longer and thicker grasses help prevent the lawn from being taking over by weeds.

All lawn maintenance services will include cutting of the grass, string trimming around obstacles, edging sidewalks and driveway and blowing off all your property hard surfaces.

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Lawn Service Prices & Schedule

  •  Weekly Lawn Mowing Prices                     Start @ $45.00 per visit.

  * Special Discounts for Referrals & Multiple Properties in a Neighborhood

  •  Mowing, sidewalk and driveway edging, string trimming, and blowing are included with every visit.

  • A service agreement is not required for residential customers, just pay for your service within 3 days of receiving your invoice via email and we will return for your next scheduled service visit. First time customers will require immediate payment.

  • 14 days scheduled mowing is not a bi-monthly service. It is every other week or every two weeks.

Phone estimates are based on square footage. These are estimated prices and will vary based on terrain slope, trees or excessive obstacles which can increase cutting time. The final price will be calculated in person and given to the customer before work begins, if agreed upon.

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Scheduled Mowing Benefits

There are several benefits to mowing your lawn on a regular basis. For starters, your yard or grass should always be cut down to a uniformed length; doing this allows the lawn to grow in a more uniform and consistent manner. This helps create a balanced access to sun light, so plants can thrive and grow.

Mowing regularly helps to kill out weeds. Regular mowing keeps from having to remove no more than 1/3 of the total length of your grass. This will allow the grass to recover quicker and easier while preening out weeds.

When possible we mow with mulching mowers, which takes the parts of the grass that are cut and reintroduces as small pieces so they can fall back into the soil to become a natural fertilizer and healthy layer of thatch. 

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