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Leaf Cleanup & Grounds Maintenance

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Leaf Removal

This lawn care maintenance service is accomplished by using either a blower or a leaf vacuum to bag up the fallen leaves and remove them from the property.

Leaf Mulching

The mulching of leaves provides several benefits to you lawn. Therefore, we recommend this service when possible. It is less expensive than leaf removal, cuts down on waste, provides nutrients to the lawn, and adds to the needed layer of thatch (a minimal layer of thatch is a good thing). This is especially true in yards that are high in clay and have a minimal topsoil layer.

Blower Service 

In areas that the city or county provides leaf pick up services - or if you have areas that you would like us to pile your leaves, eg. for composting, we can blow the leaves to those locations.

See the benefits of leaf clean up as a seasonal service. Contact us for a free estimate.

Leaf Mulching Benefits

Mulching leaves has many benefits, not just for your lawn but for the environment. Leaf mulching reduces landfill space, helps to reduce leaves from clogging up sewers and keeps them away from surface water where the broken-down nutrients from the dead leaves can cause algae blooms.

The leaves that collect on your lawn reduces air flow and sunlight that would have otherwise reached the grass blades. This accumulation of leaves can cause the grass underneath to suffocate, become diseased, and die off.

Mulched leaves will filter down between the grass blades to the soil surface. Eventually micro-organisms and worms will aide in breaking down the leaves. This process will temporarily add to the thatch layer of the lawn. Then the decomposition of leaves will provide nutrients back into the soil.

You should mulch leaves several times during the season (depending upon the amount of leaves that fall on your property) as it will help make the mulching process quicker. Your lawn benefits from the nutrients it’s receiving from this service. 

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