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NWG Lawnscapes - Lawn Care, Yard Maintenance, Mowing & other Landscaping Services in Ringgold GA & Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for a Ringgold and surrounding areas lawn care company that’s reputable and affordable?

At NWG Lawnscapes we make lawn maintenance, mowing, pressure or power washing, and gutter cleaning service simple, cost-effective and convenient.

*We offer Military & Senior Discounts

residential lawn care service

Ringgold Area Residential Services

Lawn maintenance services will include cutting of the grass, string trimming around obstacles, edging sidewalks and driveway as well as blowing the grass cuttings away.

We can trim your hedges, edge your beds, prune lower and smaller tree limbs, remove shrubs, and take out small trees. When available, we can lay pine straw and other mulches as well. Give us a call to get a free estimate for your needs.

Leaf removal services consist of blowing, vacuuming, or mulching. Check out the benefits of this type of lawn maintenance. 

Flower Bed Cleanup - Keep your flower beds looking gorgeous. It's not just about what you plant into the ground; it’s also about removing what doesn’t belong anymore. At NWG Lawnscapes, We are not just in the business of mowing lawns and trimming hedges. We’ve got the tools and know-how for more delicate jobs such as cleaning out your flower beds so they can continue to flourish. Keep the beauty of your flower beds all year or just through the growing season. Contact us today.

Pressure washing can add years to the life of a property. Dirt, grime, droppings, mold and mildew can cause rot, decay, and premature failure of building materials. This may result in costly future renovations and replacements. Regularly having your property's driveways, sidewalks, and decks cleaned will dramatically cut down on excess repairs.


commercial grounds care

Commercial Services

Please contact us via phone or email for free estimates, questions about service agreements, payment solutions, and anything else. NWG Lawnscapes looks forward to serving you.


Currently we provide commercial service to the following areas:

Ringgold, GA - Tunnel Hill, GA - Fort Oglethorpe, GA - Indian Springs, GA - Ooltewah, TN - Collegedale, TN & Apison, TN

Why hire NWG Lawnscapes LLC

● We pride ourselves in open communication with our customers. One thing I have learned throughout is to keep my customers informed. If you are on a recurring lawn care service schedule or just need a one time gig – we give you a scheduled date and time frame. If weather does not permit I follow up and let you know a rescheduled date/time or ask what works for you.


● NWG Lawnscapes is insured by a large small business insurance company. This is verifiable and is very important to ask of anyone you plan to hire. Safety is one of our biggest concerns.


● We are a small business – a father and son team. This means that you will receive a personalized quote and personalized service. There will not be different people servicing your lawn or grounds who do not what you are expecting of us. I’d rather ask about specifics than assume and be wrong.


● NWG Lawnscapes offers senior citizen and military (active or veteran) discounts.


● We use notes or intake forms plus take pictures or video to provide quotes and services. This helps keep us on your page.


● Being a small company with less overhead – our prices tend to be lower than larger companies.


What we ask of our Customers


● If we overlook something, please let us know so that we can do our best to fix it.


● Please keep the area that we are providing lawn care for free from clutter prior to our arrival. This includes trash, toys, garden hoses, and etc. This slows us down and we may have to mow/trim around these items. We do not move lawn furniture, playground toys, etc., when mowing unless there is a safety concern.


● Since you have made it this far ask about your initial super customer discount.


● We do not service the inside of flower beds or the like unless stated in our quote.


● Please keep in mind that we do not want to mow over or string trim into pet waste. If there is very much we may have no choice but to go around it.

*We offer Military & Senior Discounts

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Ringgold, GA & Surrounding Areas

Tel: (706) 450-6188

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